Tired of Slow Response, Repetitive Issues & Hidden Costs From Your IT Support?

Our IT Support Is Built To Work With Your Business, Not Against It

Guaranteed Response Time   |   True 24/7 Support   |   All Inclusive Pricing

Most IT support models don’t work well for business.

Are you experiencing these common problems with your IT support?

  • Slow and unresponsive
  • Unexpected costs from projects and visits
  • Unplanned downtime resulting in unproductive staff and lost sales
  • Repetitive issues wasting your valuable time
  • Non-existent communication with technicians
  • Nonchalant attitude toward cyber security
  • Support making you feel like you are the problem
  • Not understanding how your business operates

Our Belief Is That Your IT Support Should Be
Built To Work With Your Business, Not Against It

1-Hour Response Time

When you have a problem, you need support fast!

Our clients love how fast we jump on problems and fix them on the first try.

True 24/7 Support

No “on-call’ here. Our live 24/7 USA based support desk is just a phone call away, day or night, weekend or holiday.

All Inclusive Pricing

We don’t charge hourly for going onsite, special projects or after-hours support. You can finally budget your managed IT service in Bozeman because you know the price up front.

Our client’s comments speak to our success.

Instrumental for Our Business Growth

Wolfguard IT has been responsive, knowledgeable, and available during the four years I have worked with them. The team has been instrumental in modernizing and establishing a scalable foundation for our business' future growth.

I would highly recommend them for IT servicing and support!

John - Director

Totally Invested in Us and Our Technological Success

No matter how big or complex the problem, they are there to handle it in stride with awesome response times.

Their team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Plus, we are never surprised by bills because their costs are reasonable and upfront.

Mitch – VP/CEO

Response Time Is About as Quick as It Can Get

Honestly, I can't say enough great things about these guys!

Their response time is about as quick as it can getin the IT industry. They are continually reaching out to make sure that our information is up to date and accurate.

They offer new ideas to help save us money and present clear details and expectations.

Tami - VP

It’s time to move to an IT model that works with your business.

Step 1:

Book A Consultation

We want to get to learn about your business. What are your goals and how does technology play a role?

Step 2:


Our IT roadmap will discover existing foundational issues and lay a solid foundation that supports your team.

Step 3:

Grow Your Business

With IT that supports your business, you can leave the stress and focus on growing your business.

With Wolfguard IT You Can…

Get Your Time Back

How many times have you been in the middle of your work, making great time, and then had an error pop up bringing your work to a screeching halt? This kind of thing seems to always happen right before an important deadline.

Instead, consider this scenario. An error pops up and you have a 24/7 support number to call. Within minutes you are speaking to a knowledgeable technician who is ready to take control and resolve your issue. You are right back to your work with a smile on your face knowing you just saved valuable time and met your deadline. Get your time back with the Wolfguard IT team.

Increase Productivity

When your technology works for your business, it empowers you to take your business to the next level more quickly and with less effort. We want to understand your business, where you want to take it and then we can tailor your technology to help you get there. This can be the difference between your competitors beating you there or you coming out on top.

Focus On Your Business

When your IT company is proactive and aligned with your business, your time, energy, and brain power can focus on your business and taking it to amazing new heights. Let the professionals at Wolfguard IT take on your technology so you can focus on making your business successful.

Industries We Support


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IT Services We Offer For Your Growing Business

Managed IT Services

Work From Home Solutions

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Firewall & Web Protection

Compliance, Process & Procedures

VoIP Phone Service

Managed Print Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Technology is always changing, and hackers continue to use different methods. Over the years, I have seen that most IT companies are not keeping up with these changes, resulting in disasters that may have been easily avoided. On top of this, there is a growing number of IT companies lacking security, or just being lazy about it compromising the security of both their customers and themselves.

Remember, your IT company has remote access to YOUR systems along with YOUR system's passwords. If they're hacked, won’t you too?

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