Google+ is the talk of the town these days. A social media site offered by the world’s most popular search engine, this newcomer is expected to have some serious implications on SEO too. So, if you are a company that wants to strengthen its online presence, you might find the following things about Google+ helpful:

  • Google+ IS a social media site: Just like Facebook, with Google+ you get to share content to your contacts who can respond to and rate your shared content. You can also add contacts, block them, connect to other services like Twitter and do much more.
  • But it’s a bit different: Google+ is similar to Facebook in a lot of ways but it’s different when it comes to privacy issues. While Facebook has had problems with privacy issues (like users complaining that its privacy settings were too obtuse and instructions on how to protect their accounts were confusing), Google+ has come up with a better privacy management system. You can create groups for contacts (“Circles”, as they are called) and then select who to share what you post with; you also get to add contacts to the post but you can’t remove them once they’ve been added.

This is another place where Google+ differs from Facebook. While both Facebook’s “Like” button and Google+’s “+1” button show the users’ approval of a content, the latter is expected to influence SEO too.

  • We don’t know for sure if the +1 button will directly impact SEO but it probably will: As we’ve mentioned earlier, when you +1 a content, you show your approval of it and this is giving rise to speculations that the more +1 clicks a site receives, the higher it’s going to be ranked by Google for that particular search term. While Google has denied this, it has not completely ruled out the possibility of +1 affecting search rankings in the future.

And here’s something you might find interesting; Google envisions +1 as the tool that ties together all user-endorsed content across the web. So, when you +1 a particular content, you’re creating your personal version of Google’s search algorithm which means that content may eventually be served to you differently based on your +1 behaviors. This obviously spells a need to create a personalized set of results which can vary wildly for every user. Looks like the SEO management has a problem to deal with!

  • Businesses should not create Google+ profiles yet but that doesn’t mean they can’t: Yes, we know Google has been telling businesses not to create G+ profiles for themselves just yet (because special business profiles won’t be available until later this year). It has been reported that those business-only profiles will be business friendly in a whole lot of ways like being analytics-focused, providing deeper details on user demographics and so on. All this might make you believe that those profiles are worth waiting for. And they definitely are! But this shouldn’t stop you from getting used to a platform where everyone will be on. After all, what is recreating a profile compared to all the experience you will be gaining?
  • Google is putting all its eggs in one basket: G+ for blogging and uploading photos instead of Blogger and Picasa; Google services being integrated into G+; new services such as games, plugins, and more customization popping up on Google+; SEO going to be influenced by G+; G+ becoming both the platform and means of distribution for content; all this clearly indicates that Google has a lot of hope from G+.

It’s pretty clear that everyone is going to be on Google+ soon. If you want to stay in tune with what others are saying about your firm, Google+ is the platform to get familiar with right away!