We do computer service in Bozeman, Montana and it seems no matter how new, how powerful, how state of the art an employee’s computer might be, they’ll always seem to find something to complain about.

Maybe they just feel that the computer is simply too slow… or that the Internet takes too long to find pages… or that email doesn’t seem to be working right.

Often, there’s actually nothing wrong with the computer itself. It often simply comes down to the perception of the end-user.

So why not take a simple, inexpensive step to change the user’s perception about their computer by making some basic, cosmetic changes that can boost their productivity, moral and attitude about the computer they spend the vast majority of their day in front of.

These simple upgrades I’m talking about are the components that your employees have actual physical interaction with throughout the entire workday.

Why not upgrade the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.

As these are the actual pieces of the computer that your employees are touching and seeing all day long, if you give them what appears to be state-of-the-art peripherals, the perception will be that the entire computer is state-of-the-art, which could very well have an overall positive effect on your staff members.

If your employees feel that they are working with high-end, expensive equipment, there will be a boost to moral and overall positive attitude towards the computer systems in general. Employees who complain about their computers will find ways to remain unproductive. Employees who instead feel their systems are high-performance machines will not look at their daily tasks as such a painful chore.

Besides the potential perception-based improvements, there can also be actual measurable performance improvements as well.

An old track-ball mouse that skips and performs poorly can be more than just frustrating to use. It can also drain actual productivity time by making simple computer tasks take longer than necessary.

And a computer monitor that’s too small for the work your employees are doing will cause them to scroll vertically and horizontally looking for their data. A larger screen will cut down on time consuming scrolling and make the workflow smoother, faster and more productive.

Customers of computer service in Bozeman, Montana come to us looking for ways to improve the performance of their systems and to boost productivity.

Fortunately, it’s not always expensive computer overhauls or replacements that are needed. Sometimes it’s some simple, creative upgrades that can make all the difference, making computer repair in Bozeman, Montana much more affordable.

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