Almost everyone has his own blog these days. Many people use Google Blogger because it’s easy and free. With so many people out there who started their own businesses after losing their jobs during the recession, Blogger hosts dozens of professional blogs. Unfortunately, Blogger also hosts dozens of spam accounts, and Facebook doesn’t like that.

In an effort to prevent spammers from posting links onto users’ accounts or pages or groups, Facebook has blocked all blogspot links. That doesn’t mean that you can’t post a link from a Blogger hosted blog; it just means that you have to type in a CAPTCHA code first. This annoying extra step protects Facebook users from spam bots that post bogus Blogger links, but it doesn’t prevent links from other spammer owned blogs from being shared, according to Emil Protalinski. I tried it out, and it only takes a few seconds to type in the code and post the link. Depending on how many Blogger links a person posts on Facebook each day, this could amount to little more than a minor inconvenience.

If they find having to type in a CAPTCHA code annoying and think it’s unfair that only links from Blogger hosted blogs are affected, legitimate business owners and personal bloggers can certainly email Facebook and protest the block or report spam they’ve received from other sites.

In the meantime, anyone with a blogspot URL will have to type in a CAPTCHA code in order to share links with friends, colleagues or clients on Facebook. Perhaps if enough Blogger account owners complain, Facebook will lift the block and find a more universal way to protect site users from spam.