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Insider Tips

Website Security: Top 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

In this digital age, your company’s website is a crucial part of your business. You want it to look professional, as well as be easily navigable and highly engaging. But you don’t ...

Cyber Insurance and Security

Cyber Insurance and Security Introduction You can’t talk about cyber insurance without talking about cybersecurity. In fact, the previous topics covered in this Super Simple Guide — compliance, encryption, scope of data, ...

Cyber Insurance and Multi-Factor Authentication

Cyber Insurance and Multi-Factor Authentication Introduction Here's what you, as an SMB owner, need to know about MFA: It's an incredibly effective cybersecurity tool It's easy to implement/use It's not costly Most ...

Cyber Insurance and Scope of Data

Cyber Insurance and Scope of Data Introduction Cyber insurance is all about probability. How likely is it that your business will suffer a cyberattack? And what would the costs of such an ...

Cyber Insurance and Encryption

Introduction Encryption is the method of taking information and encoding it in a way that makes it appear like nonsense to someone who doesn’t have permission to view that information. Decryption is ...

Cyber Insurance and Compliance

Cyber Insurance and Compliance Introduction Before you purchase a cyber insurance policy for your organization, the insurance company will want to know what sort of risk it's accepting by ...

The SMB Owner’s Super Simple Guide to Cyber Insurance

Common Misconceptions about Cyber Insurance In this series of 7 blog posts, we provide a general overview of cyber insurance and its value for SMBs, as well as cover specific topics within ...

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Different Clouds for Different Crowds

Picking the right technology solutions for your organization can be daunting, especially if you’re going it alone or if you’re just not a ‘tech person.’ Selecting the right cloud services is no ...

The Top 3 Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

They say “numbers don’t lie.” If that’s the case, then cloud computing is certainly the way of the future. According to a report put out by the IDC (International Data Corporation), public ...

What is Cloud Computing?

You hear about ‘the cloud’ a lot these days. The IT term has worked its way into popular culture, and most people have some idea of what cloud computing involves. But what ...

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Wolfguard IT has been serving the State of Montana since 2010. For over ten years, we have stood over five core values that make up our company’s foundation. First, we treat you as if you are our only customer. Second, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Third, we pride ourselves in providing a fast response. Four, we will provide 24/7/365 support and monitoring of your technology. Finally, no “geek” talk. These values motivate us to consistently provide our customers, our very best! Choosing the wrong IT service provider can expose your business to unnecessary downtime, slow performance and security vulnerabilities. We know – because we answer the call when “the other guys” come up short.