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Insider Tips

Windows 10 Announced! - Enterprise Driven

Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 is coming. They believed this next version of Windows deserves to be 10 so they simply skipped Windows 9. Windows 10 is being developed primarily for Enterprises and will combine the Enterprise beloved Windows 7 ...

Serious Shellshock Vulnerability Discovered in OS X, Linux & Unix

Recently security experts discovered a bug effecting OS X (Mac), Linux and Unix operating systems. This serious bug, Shellshock, was found in these systems that use the Bash command. Different network equipment use different types of Linux making them vulnerable to this bug as ...

CompleteCloud - IT as a Utility

Remember answering machines? Those boxes that hooked to your to your telephone with a tape cassette that recorded calls? They continued to evolve in complexity until... Telephone companies introduced affordable voicemail services to their customers and almost overnight those ubiquitous ...

Web Protection - New Service Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that we will be making available in the following month a new service available to all managed IT service members. The new service, called Web Protection, will bring additional security and control to you ...

BCS Is Growing! - Business Developer Introduction

Today we have great news to share! I am very pleased to announce Steven Benson has joined the BCS team. Steven will be acting as Business Manager and work closely with customer relations, new sales and BCS future growth planning. This will give the ...

How Long Will Your Backups Cause You in Downtime?

Being a managed IT service provider we get asked a lot of different backup related questions. We go over backups with each of our customers to make sure they have the best option for their company. Some companies setup their ...

What you should know before buying a tablet

Tablets started gaining market share after the first Apple iPad was released in 2010, although it was not the first tablet. Since then a lot of people have bought an iPad or Android tablet and many others are considering buying ...

The Best Antivirus Protection – Are YOU Still Protected?

Most everyone has had the experience of a virus or malware on their computer. Unless you are a member of our managed IT services , this usually results in a day or more of missed work until the virus can ...

Free Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

It seems like almost all businesses use Microsoft’s Office suite of software. Office Word, and Excel just provide so much better features and functionality than the alternatives. When you buy a new computer or are forced to upgrade to the ...

Windows 8.1 Preview (Windows Blue) Released to Download

I just finished watching a live video stream of the Microsoft BUILD conference covering information and a live demo of the latest Windows 8.1 update, code named Windows Blue. There are several functionality updates that users have been really wanting and ...

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Wolfguard IT has been serving the State of Montana since 2010. For over ten years, we have stood over five core values that make up our company’s foundation. First, we treat you as if you are our only customer. Second, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Third, we pride ourselves in providing a fast response. Four, we will provide 24/7/365 support and monitoring of your technology. Finally, no “geek” talk. These values motivate us to consistently provide our customers, our very best! Choosing the wrong IT service provider can expose your business to unnecessary downtime, slow performance and security vulnerabilities. We know – because we answer the call when “the other guys” come up short.