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Insider Tips

Microsoft Cloud Servers Used by Over 50% Fortune 500 Companies

Earlier this year Microsoft said that the Windows Azure cloud servers service has now made over $1 billion in annual revenue. Microsoft also said that 50% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are now using Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services. ...

Windows XP & Office 2003 Support Ending But Windows 8 Discounts Offered

Last year we posted an article letting people know only 500 days were left for Microsoft supporting Windows XP and what this means to you and your business. Some companies are still running this 11 year old operating system and ...

The first big update to Windows 8 – Windows Blue

At first the rumors were that Windows Blue was going to be the version of Windows after Windows 8, but the more rumors that came through revealed that Windows Blue was actually an update to Windows 8. Also, Windows Blue ...

FBI “top priority” to Monitor Gmail & Skype

As many people know, the government is able to access data from the internet or internet providers in order to track or collect information about someone such as possible terriorists. The 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) lets law enforcement force ...

Do You Need Failover Internet Access?

In today’s age our computer support technicians know most companies really depend on being able to use the internet in order to continue doing business. More and more companies are also now using the cloud for many of their company ...

Are You Being Tracked on the Internet?

Privacy on the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger topic to many. Different web sites are collecting so much information about you and selling it to other companies or just collecting it on their servers. Your private information is ...

Lack of proper IT security expels Montreal student

Montreal computer science student was expelled recently for finding IT security holes in the school’s student portal, exposing the confidential records of over 250,000 students attending Dawson College. Hamed Al-Khabaz was working on creating a mobile application for students to ...

Microsoft Office 2013 Pricing Revealed

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with Microsoft’s Office suite of products including Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. Most businesses, and a lot of homes, have Office installed on their computers. For many years now Microsoft has ...

Government Suggests to Disable Java - What Our Computer Support Specialists Suggest

Government Suggests to Disable Java Our computer support technicians try to follow the latest news on security. There seems to be more Java and Adobe security vulnerabilities being exploited by hackers than ever before and is even more of a ...

Cisco Meraki Partner - 100% Cloud Managed

When it comes to our customers we want you to use the right equipment or service that fits you best for your specific company needs and giving you the latest in technology while still being reliable and affordable. We are ...

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Wolfguard IT has been serving the State of Montana since 2010. For over ten years, we have stood over five core values that make up our company’s foundation. First, we treat you as if you are our only customer. Second, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Third, we pride ourselves in providing a fast response. Four, we will provide 24/7/365 support and monitoring of your technology. Finally, no “geek” talk. These values motivate us to consistently provide our customers, our very best! Choosing the wrong IT service provider can expose your business to unnecessary downtime, slow performance and security vulnerabilities. We know – because we answer the call when “the other guys” come up short.