To help fulfill your IT needs in a single package we provide these cloud services to compliment our managed IT services. We provide these cloud services to our managed customers as extra benefits to them with minimal to no extra costs. In addition, we also offer these services to new customers.

Managed Virus & Spyware Protection
Managed, in-the-cloud virus and malware protection lets us monitor, manage, report and automatically fix virus threats quickly on servers, laptops and workstations; both on and off your company network. We will receive alerts and quickly take action if we detect issues such as threats detected, failed scans, antivirus service being disabled or not having the latest update protection. If a virus threat is not able to be removed we will receive an alert and can schedule with you for a more indepth removal of the virus.

Cloud Data Backup Service in Montana
This enterprise level, cloud, data backup and monitoring service has many advantages over other backup solutions. There is no hardware required to buy, maintain, fix or replace and you always have the latest software version. Your data backup and restores are quick with the latest block level compression and secure with military level encryption. Data can be restored to any company computer, another location or even the cloud to recover from a natural disaster. We can install the service on one computer on your network and backup all other computers on that network. Your critical data is then stored in 2 highly secure data centers located on the East and West coast. Since we monitor this service we will notice if your backups stop or have failures that need to be corrected. Don't wait until you discover your data is lost; get a quality data backup service in place now.

Cloud Servers
We now offer cloud server services. No upfront hardware costs and pay only for what you use in the cloud. Store your data on the cloud server or use it as a Remote Desktop server.

Cloud Email Exchange 2013 - Enterprise Grade
Our affordable, cloud, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint solution provides your company with a high-end enterprise email and file collaboration solution with no hardware to buy, maintain or upgrade. You will be able to share email, calendars and have reliable email spam and virus protection built in. Your email will be automatically synchronized between your Outlook, the cloud and your smart phone allowing you to have the same email and calendars everywhere at once.

Cloud Email Spam & Virus Filtering
MailProtection is our comprehensive cloud email spam and virus filtering service. It can be used in conjunction with just about any email server or service. This service sits between the internet and your email service/server and filters out spam emails and viruses before hitting your server or inbox. This helps to protect you and your servers from viruses and keeps the load of this filtering off your server by performing the filtering before it gets to your server. All emails run against multiple live databases giving you the best filtering possible and providing you 99.7% email filtering accuracy.

Email Continuity
Has your email server or internet gone down? If so your new emails are unable to be received (and bounced back to the sender as undeliverable) or read. This can cause a lot of downtime to a company and possibly causing thousands of dollars in lost time. Our email continuity is a cloud based service that sits between your server and the internet. In the event your internet or email server goes down this service kicks in automatically catching and collecting any new emails sent to your email server. Durring this time you are able to log into the cloud service to read and reply to new emails allowing you to continue doing business. Once your equipment is working again the collected emails automatically establish connection with your email server and allow the emails to again start being received.

Email Archiving
Does your company need to keep a record of all email transactions? Even if someone deletes an email or your email server crashes this service will keep a copy. This email archiving cloud service can be searched through by approved users and stored from 1 year to 10+ years and can be used for compliance. Since it is stored in the cloud there is no need for additional hardware to purchase, maintain, upgrade or backup.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Network Equipment & Monitoring for Enterprises & Hotels
How well does your current wireless infrastructure work and how secure is it? If it goes down does anyone know? With our cloud managed and monitored wireless solution we can offer you a highly secure and affordable wireless solution for your business or hotel. Since it is managed through the cloud we can make near instant changes as requested, and monitor security and uptime. Don't want people using your wireless to also have access to your corporate network or use all your internet bandwidth? No problem! We are able to isolate guests and employees on the wireless network as well as set internet bandwidth rules.

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