Remember answering machines? Those boxes that hooked to your to your telephone with a tape cassette that recorded calls?

They continued to evolve in complexity until... Telephone companies introduced affordable voicemail services to their customers and almost overnight those ubiquitous devices turned into dinosaurs and started vanishing.




Just like our dearly departed answering machines, the job your computers do can be served up in an affordable, infinitely more reliable and hassle-free service instead of clunky machines which will break and require constant tending.

The CompleteCloud Utility Model also allows your business to purchase only the technology that you use from a month to month basis enabling you to stay flexible and effective.

Think about I.T.

The value to your business' information technology is in what it "does" - not what it "is". Yet companies spend more resources on buying, maintaining  and updating I.T. than the very thing they're in business to do! CompleteCloud delivers everything you're accustomed to and reply on I.T. for while freeing your company from the endless burden of capital investment, maintenance and keeping up to date.

I.T's Better Up Here

  • Technology Refresh: CompleteCloud delivers a brand new IT home. New servers, new virtual PCs, new Think Clients; all with $0 capital investment. Never buy another computer again.
  • Support: Your CompleteCloud is monitored, maintained and upgraded 24/7 right here in the United States. Our help desk is open all night if you need us.
  • Disaster Recovery: Your hardware, software, data and IT support are 100% backed-up in redundant data centers. Now that's a disaster plan!
  • Security: Since your critical data resides in CompleteCloud, a lost or stolen laptop will not compromise your sensitive information.
  • Mobility: CompleteCloud users access their desktops from anywhere with their Thin Clients, personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Scalability: Opening new locations, hiring new employees or even downsizing is quick and painless since you only pay one low price per-user.
  • Green: Thin Clients use a fraction of the power and have twice the service life of desktop PCs. Saving both the environment and your wallet!
  • Profitability: You don't need to be an accountant to add up... More Productive + Less Expensive = MORE PROFIT

Let's Begin!

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