In today’s age our computer support technicians know most companies really depend on being able to use the internet in order to continue doing business. More and more companies are also now using the cloud for many of their company needs and may even have their server in the cloud making the company  internet need even more critical. Take a minute and think about what your company depends on that resides on the internet and think about what would happen if the internet were to go out for an hour, a day or even several days! In one word… catastrophe.

With our managed IT services, we are able to detect if a customer’s internet goes down. After we detect the outage we can act quickly! We get in contact with the customer and determine if we need to make an onsite visit or we contact the internet service provider on behalf of the customer. Many times the issue is dependent on the internet provider to make the fix leaving the customer helpless until it is fixed.

How You Can Prevent an Internet Outage for Your Company

In the event of an internet outage there are several things that can keep you connected to the internet, but need to already be in place before the outage happens.

The best option is to simply have a connection to two different internet providers. Rarely will multiple internet providers go down at the same time. We will put a router in place on your network that is able to connect to two internet connections at once. If the primary connection goes down then the router will “sense” the outage and automatically switch to the failover connection so you can continue to use the internet. The down side here, for example, is that if construction in the area accidently cuts the cables that provide internet to the surrounding areas it could cause both internet connections to still go down.

Another option for preventing an internet outage for your company involves using a USB wireless hotspot device. These can be bought from cell phone service providers such as Verizon or AT&T and use the cell phone towers for a 3G or 4G connection to the internet. By themselves, however, they can’t provide your company computers with internet access. What we do is install a new router that is able to take a USB plugin from a hotspot device. Now, if your primary internet connection were to go down or the lines are accidentally cut by construction,  your router will fail over to the hotspot connection and use the cell towers to keep providing internet access to your company network. The downside to using this method could depend on your cell phone coverage at your company and also by how many computers are on your network.

Which Method is Right for My Company?

To figure out which method is best for your company you should visit with your support IT provider. They can learn specifically about your company needs and pick the best option for you. We would be happy to assist you as well and suggest the best router for your situation. Since we are a cloud service provider and specialize in managed IT services for remote management and monitoring, we provide access to routers that can be 100% managed from the cloud. This allows us to quickly and easily make changes your company router may need without us ever connecting into your company network or having to go onsite. This Meraki router also provides many other benefits your company may find useful such as knowing who is using what on the internet in your office or limiting internet bandwidth usage from non-business critical applications such
as iTunes, or cell phones using the internet. You can even block certain web pages or limit the internet speed by computers themselves. We are installing these Meraki units more and more because of the great enterprise level features they provide while still being affordable for the small to mid-size businesses. To read more about Meraki products visit our Meraki product page or call us.

Call us at 406-414-0532 to learn what we can do for your company and help prevent an internet outage from happening to your company.