Everyone is familiar with computer viruses now days.  Most everyone has had to deal with a virus or two on their computers and had to have their computer repaired because of it. There are viruses for Windows, Linux and Mac, but did you know there is an incredible increase of viruses or spyware for mobile smartphones too? In February, Juniper Networks released their 2001 Mobile Threats Report which stated there is a 3,325% increase in malware targeting Google Android devices in the last seven months and 155% increase in all mobile smartphones, including the iPhone.

“We’re seeing no slowdown in the number of malicious apps, as more smartphone owners use their devices to not only store personal data, but also access social networks and the Internet,” Matthias Pankert, Sophos’ vice-president of product management, said in a statement.

Now a new spyware, called FinSpy Mobile, that actually spies on you through your smartphone, has been created by Gamma Group and it surpasses all others…. And no antivirus program seems to be able to detect it!

This new FinSpy Mobile spyware includes, all in one package, that most spyware functions found across different spyware have such as capturing your keystrokes for passwords, recording your webcam videos  from Skype and your audio. It can also detect and track where you are located.

Gamma is not giving much information about it, but Muench did tell Bloomburg “I can confirm that Gamma supplies a piece of mobile intrusion software – FinSpy Mobile,” and “I certainly don’t intend to discuss how or on what platforms it works. I do not wish to inform criminals of how any of our detection systems are used against them.”

Security experts determined that this spyware is being deployed on just about every mobile OS in use and WikiLeaks released a brochure that reveals target devices include IOS (iPhones), BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, Android (Google) and Windows Mobile. The way this spyware get installed on your phone is by simply clicking a link from a text message.

The thing you should take from this, which also goes for email attachments, is to not click any link or text message you are not expecting or don’t know who sent it. Just like any computer, a smartphone is not out of the woods when it comes to security.

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