You depend on your computer being its fastest possible without spending thousands in upgrades. The faster your computer performs the quicker you get your tasks done and make your company more money.

I have two scenarios for you:

1) You have an older computer that has started to slow down more and more. You have thought about retiring the system, but you just don't want to spend money on what a new computer would cost.

2) You are buying a new computer. You want it to be fast, but you don't want to invest in over priced upgrades.

For only $125 you can get a great performance boost to any new computer and breathe new life into older computers as well. I am talking about Solid State Drives (SSD). Upgrading your computers with this alone, instead of replacing them with new computers, can save your company thousands of dollars. I have performed this upgrade on many client computers and their reponse typically is they never want to go back to a regular hard drive. I recently included this upgrade in a new computer order. The time it took the computer to be finished loading Windows was less than 12 seconds from power-on. Another client had an older laptop computer that was taking several minutes to load Windows and it dramatically shortened its load time as well. A SSD really shines when the computer is loading or opening something such as Windows or a program such as Outlook, Microsoft Word or QuickBooks.

What are some disadvantages to a SSD?

The size of a SSD is usually quite smaller than a typical hard drive. A new computer usually comes with a 350-500GB hard drive. Spending $125 will get you a 128GB SSD drive. This may be perfectly fine for most business users because most of your data is storred on the server anyway. If your using a laptop it could be a different story. The bottom line is to speak with a knowledgable IT consultant to see if a SSD drive would work for you.