What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) & Why Do I Care?

WVD is basically Windows 10 running in the Microsoft cloud, Azure. All your applications and files can be stored here and accessed from anywhere. You can effectively get rid of your local servers at your office, saving you money.

We can move your files and applications (QuickBooks, Sage, Adobe, etc.) to Azure allowing you to no longer need a local server. Then, you can still use your desktop, if you like, but you now have the ability to be more mobile and use tablets, Mac, laptops and work form anywhere with internet. Remember, tablets and laptops even have LTE now so you can access your information from anywhere. Still want a computer at your desk to connect printers and dual monitors? No problem, you can keep your desktop computer and still use WVD.

Have staff that work remote or are always on the go? This could be a great solution to still connect them to the applications that they need.

Will WVD Look Very Different?

Even though your applications and files would reside in the cloud, we can make the environment look practically the same to your staff. They won’t even know they are working on the cloud unless you tell them.

Is My Information Still Safe?

We still take many security measures to keep your information safe, just as we would if the information was on a server in your office. We still use firewalls, for example, but we also implement additional security measures such as MFA, Multi-factor authentication. With MFA, your login password could be compromised by a hacker, but they still cannot gain access with that alone.

How Do I Get More Information & Pricing?

If WVD sounds like it may help your staff work more efficiently, please let me know and we can schedule a sit down to make sure it would be a good switch for you. Office 365 also offers other options too such as SharePoint, Dynamics, and Flow. Give us a call at 406-414-0532 and see if we can get rid of your office servers!