Bigsky Computer Solutions is always looking for ways to help improve the value of our managed IT services. For members of our Total IT. Totally Covered. plan we already have several great member benefits such as discounted hourly onsite rates and unlimited remote support. We also include 15GB of free cloud data backup space and managed antivirus and malware protection software absolutely free.

Now, we are happy to announce several more value added benefits of being a managed IT service member.

Buy Hardware & Software At Invoice:

IT service and computer repair companies are able to receive special partner discounts from manufacturers such as Dell Computers, SonicWall and Microsoft and many more. Typically, these discounts allow the IT service company to sell the products and make a profit. Some IT companies mark these items up 10-30%. We want to do away with all this and sell these items at our partner invoice price straight to you. We take our partner pricing and bill straight to your credit card. This can dramatically save you money. Don’t pay retail pricing again!

 Cloud IT Password Management:

Does your managed IT service company keep track of your computer system passwords and do they keep them secure? Do you ever wish you had a copy of the latest list of these passwords anytime you wanted? Bigsky Computer Solutions is extending our secured list of managed passwords to you. When a password is changed on your company router, wireless or server we update it in our secure password database. Through the web site PassPortal we are now able to share this list with you while keeping these passwords secure and staying PCI compliant at no extra cost to you.

If you would like more information on our Managed IT Services plans and see how it can benefit your business please call us at 406-414-0532.