If you have a smart phone, then you probably already know how convenient apps are. Some sites, like LinkedIn, are aware of how much people enjoy having apps that can help them simplify their lives and save time. It has a variety of apps that can be used on site that allow people to connect their WordPress blogs to their LinkedIn accounts, share their personal reading lists and learn about professional events to name a few.

So many people have their own blogs these days that it just makes sense for LinkedIn to have something like the WordPress app, which allows people to quickly and easily share their blog posts with their LinkedIn connections. Just as the Twitter app will automatically post someone’s tweets to his LinkedIn profile, with the WordPress app, every time someone publishes a blog post, it is automatically shared on his profile. This saves time and ensures that every blog post gets shared. For the forgetful types, this is a must have.

Don’t have a WordPress blog? Don’t worry. LinkedIn’s Blog Link app, which is powered by TypePad technology, supports TypePad – of course — Movable Type, Vox, Blogger, LiveJournal and several others. As with the WordPress app, each blog post is shared on a user’s LinkedIn profile as soon as it publishes, keeping the individual’s connections up to date with personal musings or professional insights.

On a more personal note, the Amazon app allows people to share with their LinkedIn connections what books they have read and would recommend, books they plan to read, and books they would like to read. The LinkedIn search tool helps them find the titles they want, and then it gives them the additional option of writing a review, if they would like. The reading list appears on the home page of the person’s profile, so connections can easily see and click on it if they are curious about that person’s reading habits.

The LinkedIn Events app allows users to see what professional events their connections have attended or plan to attend. It also recommends events based on a LinkedIn user’s career field and job description. This app can help someone take networking to the next level and meet potential connections face to face. Conference dates and times can be shared, and if someone is presenting or exhibiting at a conference, that information, too, can be shared on his profile.

Another LinkedIn app that could be used to enhance the networking experience is TripIt, which allows people to know what cities their connections will be traveling to and what events they will be attending. If the two will be in the same place at the same time, they can make arrangements to meet for coffee or have lunch together.

People look at LinkedIn accounts as much as they do Facebook pages. With LinkedIn’s Creative Portfolio Display, users can share their creative work on their LinkedIn profiles. This app can serve freelancers looking for clients or industry professionals who are in the market for new jobs equally well. They can create an unlimited number of projects and decide which ones should appear on their profiles.

Professional people tend to lead busy lives, so they welcome anything that can save them time and energy. LinkedIn’s site apps help people do that and more, such as more easily promote their personal brands with LinkedIn’s blogging and Twitter apps, network more effectively with apps like TripIt and Events, or they can share a little bit of themselves with the Amazon reading list app. It’s all in a day’s networking.