Earlier this year Microsoft said that the Windows Azure cloud servers service has now made over $1 billion in annual revenue. Microsoft also said that 50% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are now using Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services. Steven Martin said “In just a year, we have grown to over 200 services for our platform, more than doubled our customer base (now at 250,000) and are seeing an average of 1,000 new customers per day.”

Cloud services, including cloud servers, cloud email and cloud backup are growing at a very fast pace because of the many benefits such as only paying for what you need, just like electricity, and the flexibility of being virtual. If you would like learn about what the cloud really is you can read our post titled “What is the Cloud, Anyway? – The Simple Explanation”.

We have added several businesses to our cloud servers and you can read about one customer’s needs and how the cloud server fulfilled them by going to our Case Studies page. If you are interested in cloud services feel free to contact us at 406-414-0532 and we can see if a cloud service is right for your needs. We will even offer you a free consultation.