We take the load off your IT department by helping them to prioritize their tasks and better manage their valuable time, which increases efficiency and productivity.

As an IT Manager, what keeps you awake at night?

IT Managers today are faced with many technology challenges.  These challenges are all equally important and require an eye for detail, but how can today’s CIO or IT Manager stay focused when there are so many day-to-day distractions?

Technology continues to evolve at an alarming pace and staying sharp on the latest in business IT solutions is often a task that happens during quiet times in the schedule.  However, these quiet times rarely come.  How does today’s IT Manager stay sharp and up to speed with the latest in business technology?

Dealing with other people is often one of the biggest challenges for the IT Manager.  Human Resource challenges include finding the right resource and skill set for a special project or staffing a help desk.  How does today’s IT Manager deal with the challenges of staff while ensuring that business IT systems run efficiently?

Other challenges faced by today’s IT Manager include securing the network, dealing with personal mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones or other mobile solutions all wanting access to corporate resources.  Where can today’s IT Manager turn for help?

Big Sky Computer Solutions can help.  For the past several years Big Sky has focused on being that trusted IT resource for internal IT departments, Chief Information Officers and the overworked, time-challenged IT Manager.

Here is how Big Sky Computer Solutions can help:

  • Staffing when you need an extra pair of hands for a special project or even day-to-day IT support for your users
  • Project Management, help with management of IT projects; Big Sky takes ownership and manages projects from start to finish.
  • Expert IT consulting on the latest IT solutions designed to help your business reach goals and remain efficient
  • Monitoring solutions for your network; trust us to monitor your network and even take care of issues detected by our state-of-the-art network monitoring solutions.
  • Help Desk services – trust Big Sky Computer Solutions to take all your help desk calls or be a resource when your help desk becomes overloaded.
  • IT security services – trust Big Sky Computer Solutions to help with the management of all IT security solutions including firewalls, spam filtering and antivirus management.
  • Task and ticket management – as an Autotask partner, we can offer our Autotask TaskFire services to internal IT teams who require an effective and robust IT trouble ticket management solution.

Reach out to Big Sky Computer Solutions today and learn more about our complete offering of services available to IT Managers, Chief Information Officers and Internal IT teams who need help with workloads, special projects or a complete outsourced IT service.