You don’t have to be computer savvy to appreciate Windows 8 and all it has to offer, although it certainly helps if you are. Microsoft has, in fact, included some features that are tailored to home users. Features like the Metro interface, the touch screen and the app store have been discussed and discussed some more. Believe it or not, Windows 8 does have other attributes that consumers and professionals alike can get excited about.

One Windows 8 feature that will appeal to everyone is a faster boot up time. Who wouldn’t love to be able to log on to his computer and get to work almost immediately? For people who travel a lot or reboot their computers a lot (think IT professionals), this feature is especially convenient. Windows 7 boots up pretty quickly, so it will be interesting to see how many seconds Windows 8 will shave off of that.

Windows to Go is convenient for business use. Some business owners don’t want to store their companies’ data in the cloud because they find the security of Internet storage more than a little dubious. Windows to Go is for Windows Server 8 only; however, it will benefit businesses because IT professionals will be able to quickly transfer important data and apps from an employee’s desktop to his tablet PC or smart phone.

The Windows 8 Side-by-Side Apps for tablet PCs trumps even Apple’s iPad 2. With the Apple iPad 2, only on app can run at a time. With Windows 8, you can run two. This means you can have a webinar playing on YouTube while you browse the Internet to learn more about the person who’s presenting.

Windows Live SkyDrive integration is something that will benefit individuals rather than businesses. Windows Azure is better equipped to satisfy the security needs of business professionals. Anyone who’s ever used Google Documents has an idea what using SkyDrive is like. You can create, edit and share documents without cluttering your computer’s hard drive because everything is saved in the cloud. The bonus with Windows 8 is that you will be able to access data stored in SkyDrive via your computer’s Metro interface.

The last feature I want to talk about is the Task Manager. With Windows 8, the Task Manager will be more detailed – a great help for people who don’t have advanced computer skills – and easier to use. Users will be able to isolate whatever programs are failing and quickly shut them down. It’s hard to tell how much of an improvement this is going to be over Windows 7, which already plainly lists whatever applications a user has running. Shutting one down is as simple as selecting it and then clicking the “End Task” button.

The date when Microsoft makes its consumer preview of Windows 8 available to the masses is fast approaching. Those who are interested in giving it a try should know that it’s probably going to be better suited for tablet PCs and touch-screen computers than regular laptops and desktops.

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