Managed IT Computer Tip From Bigsky Computer Solutions in Bozeman, MT

Computers, servers and networking equipment are all mission critical to businesses and should all be plugged into a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A good UPS can provide surge protection with an equipment protection policy and also keep your equipment powered on for a short duration until the electricity is back online again giving you time to at least save your work and safely power off your computers and servers. A UPS should be able to keep equipment that is plugged into it for at least 5-10 minutes, but 15-30 minutes is great. A UPS is only meant to be a temporary power loss solution and give you time to save your work and safely power off those sensitive computers and servers. Computers and servers can even be configured to communicate with computers and servers so in the event no one is around to safely power them off, the UPS will communicate with the computer or server and keep it up until the battery has 5% battery left and will then tell them to safely shut off themselves.

So you have had everything important plugged into a UPS for quite some time now, but did you know the battery inside that UPS degrades overtime just like any battery? Over time the battery holds less and less of a charge until it holds such a minimal charge that it can’t keep equipment online at all! All UPS units should be tested by you or your IT person a couple times a year to see if the battery is holding a sufficient charge. So what if it is not holding up long enough… do you have to buy a whole new UPS? No; you simply replace the battery itself inside the UPS unit as long as the UPS itself is working correctly. The battery can cost significantly less than the whole unit. Your IT person can find out which battery is made for your specific UPS model and get it replaced with minimal work. Now if your UPS is really old it could be time to replace it. Your IT computer technician should let you know this.

If you would like your UPS checked by one of our technicians or have more questions about them just give us a call and one of our computer support technicians would be glad to help. Since we cover managed IT services in Bozeman, Belgrade, Four-Corners and Big Sky we should be able to replace your UPS quickly. Call us at 406-414-0532.

-Chris Kimbell
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