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With WolfGuard IT, it's never a challenge to understand your monthly IT spend. Budgeting for growth is simple! There are never any out-of-scope labor fees, so you can rest assured that all labor is always covered within our truly flat-rate monthly pricing. We provide the highest quality IT service in the industry because our goal is to keep your network running at top efficiency. Not only does our simple pricing help you understand how to budget, it also gives you a transparent view of exactly what you're paying for.

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What Our Clients Say

They Were Realistic and Have Been Well Worth The Investment

When we were first introduced to WolfGuard IT services, I was a bit hesitant with the price. What I came to realize was that I needed more help in understanding what WolfGuard IT does, and the benefits of how and why they do it. Now that I’ve seen it in action, I would do it again with WolfGuard IT in a heartbeat.

We’ve been very pleased with the value, and the consistent costs benefitted us. They were realistic and have been well worth the investment. Now that I fully understand, I would do it again in short order.

Jack Thanepohn Mattress Mill

They Are Totally Invested in Us and Our Technological Success

We recently started utilizing Wolfguard IT as our IT servicer and we are so glad we did! They are totally invested in us and our technological success, from solving any problem to providing thorough and up to date training for our staff.

No matter how big or complex the problem, they are there to handle it in stride with awesome response times.

Their team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Plus, we are never surprised by bills because their costs are reasonable and upfront. Chris is an awesome resource in our community, and we are excited to be supporting such a great local business.

Mitch Johnson Bank of Bozeman

Their Response Time Is About as Quick as It Can Get

Our company has been with WolfGuard IT for several years. Honestly, I can't say enough great things about these guys! Their response time is about as quick as it can get in the IT industry. They are continually reaching out to make sure that our information is up to date and accurate. The team is always personable, professional, and efficient. They offer up new ideas and ser-vices to help save us money and present each option with clear details and expectations.

We started with one service and have now grown to have every aspect of our IT needs man-aged by the WolfGuard Team.

I would recommend this business to anyone who is looking for an upgrade or wants to have their IT needs properly managed by a professional business. They take the worry out of it for us!

Tami Weist S Conley Sales

We Have Found Them Easy to Work with And Very Responsive

WolfGuard IT have been an integral part of our IT team since we retained them more than 2 years ago. They provide desktop, server, and network support to both our locations. WolfGuard IT provides continuous monitoring of our systems and network which, has enabled us to pro-actively address problems before they deteriorate to the point of disrupting our business.
We have found them easy to work with and very responsive, taking on any and all tasks needed to ensure the continuous and smooth functioning of our operations.

Daniel Goldman Wealthvest Marketing

Nothing but GREAT Things to Say About Their Team

I have worked with Wolfguard almost 3 years and have nothing but GREAT things to say about their team and service! They typically reply to our concerns within an hour or so, and no matter who ends up addressing the concern, they are always knowledgeable and helpful.

I'm always happy to help support local businesses; even happier when they give 5-star service!

Thank you, Wolfguard.

Seanna Farrow Hammond Property Management

The Team Has Been Instrumental for Our Business Growth

Wolfguard IT has been responsive, knowledgeable, and available during the four years I have worked with them. The team has been instrumental in modernizing and establishing a scale-able foundation for our business' future growth.

I would highly recommend them for IT servicing and support!

John Huyg Summit Resources International

They Respond to Phone Calls or Emails Immediately

Wolfguard IT has been a pleasure to work with.

Circumstances forced us to choose a new IT provider in 2016 and Wolfguard made the transition effortless for us.

They respond to phone calls and/or emails immediately and fix/solve any issues that we may encounter. Wolfguard IT is highly recommended by YT.

Corey Johnson Yellowstone Traditions

They Are Aligned with Our Strategic Business Plan

Hiring WolfGuard IT is one of the best decisions we have made as a company. Their proactive network health monitoring has identified and fixed many problems before we even knew of them, which has kept our staff more productive and saved us money.

WolfGuard IT is a valuable business partner, who ensures that our IT infrastructure is aligned with, and supports, the execution of our strategic business plan.

Wes Stewart Analytical Systems International

They Take the Worry Out of My Job

I have had to opportunity to work with Wolfguard IT for the past several months and it has been a really good experience. They take the worry out of my job when it comes to my company’s IT issues.

When we have a problem, we submit a ticket to IT and it is taken care of that day. Wolfguard is the best.

Kristi Palmer Midwest Welding & Machine

It Did Not Take Long to Justify Paying for Top Level IT Up Time

As a business owner, I look at IT service from the standpoint of return on investment (ROI), not lowest price. Anyone can give me a lower price but the real decision for me is ROI. My business runs on our IT systems and when they don’t, my business is losing efficiency (time), thus dollars. When I look across our small company of 16 people, it equates to roughly $3,100.00 per hour of revenue. In the past, when our IT services would lose functionality across the company for multiple hours a year, it did not take long to justify paying for top level IT up time.

The second largest factor why I use WolfGuard IT is the trust and ease with which things happen. It doesn’t matter if I need new equipment, or new processes. When I have a problem, they are implemented, and solved.

Lastly, my co-workers and I feel as though we are the only company Wolfguard works for, and our company morale has been impacted in a most positive manner by having their team on board. This may sound too good to be true, but it has been our experience since bringing them on board 31 months ago.

Scot Sprat S Conley Sales