If you want more visitors to your website, few things can be more effective than getting your site listed in the #1 position of the Google search page for the keyword you’re targeting.

In our last article, we discussed Keyword Research, or how to determine what the best keyword would be to set your sites on for becoming listed in the top spot of the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). In this article, we’re going to cover one of the most effective ways to target those keywords… through Article Marketing.

Article Marketing is where you write a short article (typically between 350-500 words) on a particular subject, and throughout that article you’ll have your chosen keywords placed. For example, if I wanted to rank my website for the keyword, computer service in Bozeman, Montana, then I would make sure that this specific keyword is listed several times throughout my article.

When placing keywords throughout the article, it’s not enough to simply have the keywords placed sporadically throughout. The keywords actually have to link back to your desired website for them to have any effect. The way to do this is to turn your keyword into “Anchor Text”.

For example, if we continue to use computer service in Bozeman, Montana as my example keyword, see how it links to the website I’ve chosen to promote? This is how we turn a keyword into Anchor Text.

Different article sites have different rules about how you’re able to use your links in your article. As a rule, you shouldn’t have your keyword listed more than two or three times and generally speaking, you won’t be able to place an Anchor Text link within the top 1/3rd of the article.

Another common rule is that you can’t have more than two “self serving links” in your article. So if you had a second keyword, such as computer repair in Bozeman, Montana, it would have to point to someone else’s site, rather than your own.

SEO might seem like a very complex subject, but by understanding a few basic rules about how Google determines rank order, and by knowing who your competition is, you can potentially drive a significant amount of traffic to your website in a relatively short period of time.

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