If you’ve got a website, chances are you’d like as many visitors to that website as possible. Few methods of advertising will bring more traffic to your website than having your page listed in the #1 position in Google for the keywords that are best targeted for your company.

Reaching this #1 spot can actually be quite easy, depending on several factors. Let’s take a look at the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and see how we can accomplish this potentially very lucrative feat.

Keyword Research – The first thing you need to do is determine who your target customer is and what they’re typing into Google to find you. You want to be as specific as possible. For example, if I’m a computer consultant and I provide computer service in Bozeman, Montana, then that’s exactly the keyword I should be targeting. It would be pointless to target a generic word such as “Computer Service” without specifying the area, as people typing in that keyword might be located anywhere in the country, or world for that matter and wouldn’t ever be a good potential target for my services.

If your product or service is general in nature, then you would target the appropriate keyword. Just be aware that your competition might be quite steep.

The easiest way to determine who your competition is and how tough they might be to beat is to check out the companies that are listed on Page 1 in Google for your competing keyword.

Are these pages authority sites, such as Wikipedia or Amazon or other high-traffic sites like that? If so, they’re going to be tough to knock off the top spot. If they’re other local companies like yourself, they might be easier to tackle. If I look at my competition for computer service in Bozeman, Montana, there don’t seem to be any major players on the list.

Now let’s take a look at how much of an effort these guys are making to keep their high-ranking positions. There’s a possibility that they might not be making any real effort at all and are just ranked highly based on the content of their website. If this is the case, we’ve might have an easy road ahead.

The number 1 deciding factor in how Google determines a website’s relevance for a particular keyword is through backlinks. Backlinks are links on a website’s page that points back to your website. The more backlinks you have, the faster you’ll move up the ranks. To determine how many backlinks a website has, you can use the free utility Yahoo Site Explorer (it’s easy to find through a Google search). When you go to the web page for the utility, simply enter the URL of the website that you want to investigate and Yahoo will quickly report back how many inbound links are pointing to the site.

Backlinks are generally created using Anchor Text. An Anchor Text backlink is when you use the keyword you’d like to target and you create a link where that keyword points to the web page you’re trying to promote. For example, if I wanted to rank for the keyword computer repair, I’d use this Anchor Text link to point to my desired website.

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