It Did Not Take Long to Justify Paying for Top Level IT Up Time

As a business owner, I look at IT service from the standpoint of return on investment (ROI), not lowest price. Anyone can give me a lower price but the real decision for me is ROI. My business runs on our IT systems and when they don’t, my business is losing efficiency (time), thus dollars. When I look across our small company of 16 people, it equates to roughly $3,100.00 per hour of revenue. In the past, when our IT services would lose functionality across the company for multiple hours a year, it did not take long to justify paying for top level IT up time.

The second largest factor why I use WolfGuard IT is the trust and ease with which things happen. It doesn’t matter if I need new equipment, or new processes. When I have a problem, they are implemented, and solved.

Lastly, my co-workers and I feel as though we are the only company Wolfguard works for, and our company morale has been impacted in a most positive manner by having their team on board. This may sound too good to be true, but it has been our experience since bringing them on board 31 months ago.

Scot Sprat
S Conley Sales