Most everyone has had the experience of a virus or malware on their computer. Unless you are a member of our managed IT services , this usually results in a day or more of missed work until the virus can be relinquished from your computer by a computer technician. Even though you have antivirus protection software installed doesn’t mean your computer will be always protected. There is no antivirus protection software that provides 100% protection 100% of the time, but there are definitely ones that provide much better protection or services than others. Having the right antivirus protection software can make the difference between having a great productive work day or having a computer infected with a virus that doesn’t work and steals your passwords and credit card numbers.

I was told ___ was the best

There are many technicians that have been using a particular protection software for years and recommend it to everyone because they feel it works great, but this doesn’t mean it still works well. An example of this would be AVG. It use to provide great protection 5 years ago, but now its protection has been down in the dumps for some time. There are also many review web sites on the internet that claim certain software provides the best protection, but you don’t know if these statistics are legit or a sales gimmick. Also, just because you had the top antivirus protection software 1 or more years ago doesn’t mean it is still up to par now and you could be in line for a world of hurt.

Where can I find a reliable review source?

There are two great resources I use for checking the effectiveness of antivirus protection software; AV-Comparatives and the Virus Bulletin. I like to review both before coming to a conclusion, but the nonprofit AV-Comparatives is a bit easier to read and, I feel, are a bit more accurate. They provide current reviews of protection software and time-tested reviews. They also review both PC and MAC antivirus protection software.

What is the best protection now?

If someone were to ask me what the best antivirus protection software is overall I would most likely say Kaspersky. It continually stays near the top and it’s preventative and removal success rates have rated very good for quite some time, but it’s detection also varies from month-to-month. The down-side of Kaspersky is it is a bit more complicated to use. Here is a graph from March to June 2013 with Kaspersky staying at around the 99% mark.


Will the company assist me if I become infected?

This is a great question to ask before buying an antivirus protection software. Also, knowing how willing the technical support team is to help you can play a big part in choosing what software to use. Many of the antivirus companies, including Kaspersky, want to just email you a link to a knowledge base article instead of walking you through themselves. VIPRE’s technical support team has been the friendliest I have worked with. They also provide a great warranty on their software saying if your computer gets infected and their software doesn’t remove it they will get it removed for you at their cost. This is similar to our very own cloud managed antivirus protection software that is included in our managed IT services.

Before choosing an antivirus protection software for your company, please consult your IT consultant. They should be there to help guide you and be happy to help. Just because one software has better ratings than another doesn’t make it the best choice for your company. For example we provide a cloud based antivirus solution that provides great detection and alerts our technicians 24/7 if someone is detected. Our technicians can then investigate further sometimes without even having to bother you while you work.