The SECRET To Easily Remembering Long, Complicated Passwords

Did you know buying Office 365 through GoDaddy is not a true Office 365 account? It is actually quite limiting and may end up costing you more money. Join Chris at Wolfguard IT on this live stream to learn why not to buy Office 365 through GoDaddy as well learn what to do if you already have Office 365 with GoDaddy.

Business Owners Must-Haves For IT Support - The Wolfguard Zone

When looking for a good, reliable IT support company that has your best interest in mind, what does this mean and what are the requirements the IT support company must have or provide? Join us on this live stream and we will cover this must know information for your business.

Security Awareness Presentation - Help keep you and your staff safe

This short video will go over basics in cyber security awareness that everyone should know in order to help keep you and your company safe.

Microsoft 365 - Your Bridge To The Cloud

This video is a recording from a webinar we hosted on Microsoft 365, your bridge to the cloud and your modern workplace.

Top 3 Things You Can Do To Secure Your Company

From Hammered to Hacked - Learn the top 3 things business owners must be doing to secure their cyber security. Join Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT, John Gibson with Just Right, and Lance Keltner with UNI Computers as they break down these must know steps for you. Don’t miss this!

Kaseya Hack - Why Multilayered Security Is An Absolute Must - S01E08

An IT tool by Kaseya was hacked that many IT support companies and internal IT departments use for computer management and remote support. When this happens, are you and your IT support provider prepared? Do you have security measures in place, or will your business suffer devastating loss? Join us on this live stream to learn what protection should be in place BEFORE a hack like this happens to your business. It is not a matter of if, but of when. Don’t miss this very valuable information, it can make the difference of still being in business!

Don't Get Hooked By Phishing, 8 Warning Signs You Need to Know! - S01E07

Phishing emails are the primary delivery method for ransomware! Can you and your staff easily identify a phishing threat or will you fall victim and cause your business downtime and a lot of money? In this live stream Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT and Gary Blawat with Ingrain IT we will show you 8 warning signs of a phishing email, so you can identify a phishing threat and help keep you safe. After all, your staff are your last line of defense; are they ready?!

How to Know You Have Outgrown Your IT Support - S01E06

If you are having issues with your current IT support group, it may be that you have simply outgrown them! Join Chris Kimbell with WOLFGUARD IT and Kevin Peterson with Peterson Tech Group as they discuss surefire signs that you have outgrown your IT support and what you can do about it. You don't want to miss this live stream!

3 Ways To Cut IT Costs - S01E05

Want to learn how to cut IT costs and be more efficient with your IT budget? Join Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT and Lance Keltner with UNI Computers as they discuss several ways to cut IT costs for your business, even with your existing IT support company. You don’t want to miss this!

Colonial Pipeline Hack - What You Must Know & How To Protect Your Business

The latest big news is the Colonial Pipeline hack. Why is this such a big deal, how did it happen and what do you need to know to keep your business safe from a similar attack. Join Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT and guest Lance Keltner with UNI Computers as they have a fireside chat on this latest news ransomware hack.

WARNING Don't Hire These IT Companies - S01E04

If you experience any of these warning signs, you may be partnered with a bad IT support company. Join Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT and Gary Blawat II with Ingrain IT as they discuss several bad habits many IT companies do and why they are mistakes that may jeopardize your business success.

Importance of a Stop-And-Think Mindset - S01E03

Learn why it is so critical for your IT support to have a stop-and-think mindset and how the consequence of not having it can be devastating to your company's cyber security protection and system reliability.

Join Chris Kimbell with Wolfguard IT and guest Tom Schrader from Competitive Arts as they dive into this must-know topic.

World Backup Day - S01E02

Join Chris Kimbell with WOLFGUARD IT and our panel discussion of business backups on #WorldBackupDay. You will learn how to make sure your backups are being setup correctly by your IT and why backups are so critical. Guest include Lance Keltner with UNI Computers and Tom Schrader from Competitive Arts as we begin our backup series.

Must Haves for Any Backup - S01E01

In this webcast we talk about business backups and what non-technical questions a business owner should ask their IT person to make sure their backups are reliable.

Clear business communications from anywhere on any device

Wolfguard IT and Cytracom present the ability to have staff located anywhere and use any device to make and receive phone calls as well as provide chat to internal staff and text message with clients.

Wolfguard IT Office Tour

Welcome to Wolfguard IT. We've got IT Covered in the Montana area. We're your business IT support department with 24x7 live support desk, never talk to anyone outside the USA!