Some people travel for business, some for pleasure, and some for both business and pleasure. Regardless of whether someone is traveling to land a new prospect or enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, it’s nice to have gadgets that will make the trip more enjoyable. Of course, these gadgets can be just as enjoyable for people who never venture beyond their home turfs.

One gadget that could come in handy for either a business or leisure traveler is the Polaroid SC1360 camera. Introduced at CES in January 2012, this nifty little device is supported by an Android operating system. Not much larger than a cell phone, the Polaroid SC1360 could easily fit into a pocket or hand bag. It has a 32 gigabyte memory and hundreds of thousands of useful apps.

Those who have really good eyesight might love the i’M Watch. This little eyesore is really handy for active people or those who always find themselves searching for their smart phones. It connects to a user’s smart phone via Bluetooth, which allows him to receive phone calls or text messages without having to dig around in his pocket or search his office for the actual device. Joggers can listen to music while out on their morning or evening runs and still send and receive calls or texts. Because it’s connected to the user’s smart phone, it can be just as useful for updating Facebook statuses or tweeting about the latest happenings.

Some people just can’t live without their favorite tunes no matter where they are, including under water. The UWater G4 Chrome MP3 player is 100% waterproof and Chrome plated to protect it from sea or chemically treated water. Introduced in August 2011, it has 4 gigabytes of memory and can be clipped onto goggles, an armband or the waistband of swimwear. It can even be used in the shower.

This next travel gadget is for die hard movie lovers. The Sony HMZ-T1 is a portable movie theater of sorts that’s worn on the head. It looks like one of those virtual reality devices in the movie “Brainstorm.” Alas, it’s just a movie player with stereo surround sound that’s supposed to make the user feel like she’s in an actual movie theater. Users can enjoy either 2D or 3D films. It connects to the television, so anyone looking for portability is out of luck … for now.

Finally, anyone who has ever traveled to a foreign country knows how frustrating the outlets can be. Fortunately, an investment of $50 could buy a world traveler the 50/2000-Watt Auto-Switch adapter kit. Whether a traveler is headed for Japan, continental Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States, he will have the right plug to fit the local sockets.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a tedious bore, even for the business traveler. In fact, with all the new travel gadgets that are available, getting there could be almost as fun as being there … for vacation travelers, at least.