It has been rumored for a while now that Microsoft may give some users a free copy of Windows 10 except for certain corporate licenses. This has even been mentioned many times on the internet from bloggers and news related sites. Microsoft has even said themselves that Windows 7 and 8.1 users will receive a free copy of Windows 10. But is Windows 10 truly going to be free for these users? This is something we have been wanting to be certain on ourselves.

Microsoft's Response

Weeding through all the announcements of Windows 10 being free took some time, but we finally found a news post from They found a Microsoft blog post that was made in January on the subject. In the blog post, Gabriel Aul states "Windows 10 is a free upgrade for all Win7 or 8.x owners in 1st year". You can't be more clear than that. But the question still remains, what will be the cost?

Windows 10 upgrade pop-ups

There have been reports that started over the weekend concerning receiving a pop-up window or Windows 10 icon in the taskbar for reserving your free upgrade to Windows 10. Our technicians had the pop-up on their computers this Monday morning. The window lets you fill in your email address and says you will be notified once the copy is available.

win10popupThis is very exciting, but with no pricing announcements yet from Microsoft on the cost of Windows 10 and if you are forced to buy it after a year I am hesitant to perform any upgrade until this is known. Don't get me wrong. I happily filled out my email address and submitted for the free upgrade. And for all I know this upgrade could be free. But once my copy is available I won't click the upgrade button until pricing is fully known.

So what do you think of this Microsoft pushed Windows pop-up for upgrading to Windows 10? Are you going to reserve your copy? Or have you even been given the option yet? We would love to hear from you and answer any questions we can. It is very exciting. And with Windows 10 being released July 29th the Windows 10 release is getting here sooner and sooner.